Salo Sessions

by Sadistik

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Sean D.
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Sean D. I remember hearing him do some of these tracks on tour back on 2015 and it blew me away!!! wordplay is on point as always! buy this Favorite track: I Bought A Gun (feat. Nemo Achida).
Robyn Sycamore
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Robyn Sycamore Got really into this album while i was getting clean Favorite track: You Dead (feat. Nacho Picasso & Mr. MFN eXquire).
Mo Fugly
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Mo Fugly Trunk Thumper. Great way for Me to blow off steam! Favorite track: You Dead (feat. Nacho Picasso & Mr. MFN eXquire).
Paul Furto
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Paul Furto im torn between ultraviolet and flowers for my father being my favorite sadistik album but all his collaboration is so good kristoff krane, cage, lotte, and of course the great eyedea Favorite track: Mourning Glory.
Waves 05:13
[Hook] Coming in waves, all different colors and shapes up in my face, flooded with hundreds of planes & none of em gray, everyone's summer it's strange [Verse 1] I am pathetic, cause I'm empathetic And hide in my head it's so minor The mind of a skeptic, lights are synthetic, They're everywhere vital and hectic, The highest aesthetics, a life that's systemic, High-lows are leveled in vibrant falsettos, The tidals lack titles but I won't forget it, no I won't forget it, When I go to bed its so psychokinetic, I am antenna, ions and tenors, I'll light up the sky, like the eye of the nexus, Like Roman Polanski, I am The Tenant, To my own unconscious, I am dependent, Depends on perception, the pen can scripts tempests My temper’s tempestuous, excellent sounds If I don't swim right the riptide will drift like Virginia’s I'll give in and then I’ma drown in the... (Waves) [Hook] [Verse 2] Animalistic, the phantoms are present, A precious example of tandem dimensions, My hands on a candle to cancel the shadows That saddled my mental, a sad I'll admit to, A satellite signal emitting it's riveting, Stand at attention, the visuals vicious, My visions distorted this visage contorted, Of course it's a symptom I've been here before, 7 billion people, 14 billion faces, I don't want to meet a one, I'd rather sit inside my tomb where I bloom & I ruminate In a room with 8ths while the meter runs, Meet or run, watch the cumulus accumulate, Feel the rush, funerals accrue the weight When I’m in a state I hope it's deep enough, When the season comes to pursue the chase, I'll take it there, and wait till they’re coming in waves [Bridge] I’m wavy, everything is blurry on the daily I’m way beyond what they’ve been on, they basic while I’m wavy. [Hook]
[Hook] You dead! And that’s just how you’re gonna stay You dead! You don’t get to see another day You dead! We’ve been dancing on your grave, homie You dead! Tried to tell you, you don’t want to play [Verse 1: Nacho Picasso] Only time I get to running’s when the feds is coming Bury money in the bed hid the rest in London I ain’t even going clubbing unless you get my gun in Hit the powder pack first then I dip the blunt in New new chick like Lauren London Cheese steak got extra onions For Pete’s sakes he’s so repugnant He joined a cult, she joint a covenant Shia LeBeouf ‘em, I don’t love ‘em I don’t cuff ‘em, I just stuff ‘em You buy the muff, I buy the muffin I tie ‘em up & don’t buy ‘em nothing Line ‘em up, divide it up, White lines I’m high as fuck Bust a nut & then buy a truck Took a bump & then took a dump, I don’t love no niggas neither, Tattoos & I ain’t a bleeder Tattoos on every finger, Life’s a bitch, you aim to please her Life’s a bitch, I’m a wife beater Blood speckles on wife-beaters Sold black tar wearing white sneakers Know white boys with wide peepers That’ll rob you blind like nice speakers I’m a night-owl, late night tweaker Run DMC, on DMT, keep TNT in my Adidas I walked with Jesus, drew Mona Lisa I taught the thesis, I’m cold as freezer They call me Caesar I’m so facetious Increase the peace or increase the pieces [Hook] [Verse 2: Sadistik] I’m inundated, in a daze Out my mind I’m in a phase Innervate my inner-veins My innards drained for entertainment, At center stage, Spill my guts on dinner plates I’m dead awake, they’ve been afraid My set of fangs may penetrate, uh My limbs still feel dismembered, that's if I still remember, Liquid liquor liver dies like live or die by thrilling benders Instill the pressure to break the surface & build it better, I'll William Tell em my aim is perfect & kill offenders My top lip is gothic, the bottom is opposite I'm often laconic, they not they just talk Their toxins are toxic, obnoxious & nauseous, etcetera, I better not get what they got I know I'm not one of em Running with wolves, and keeping that pack, Under the moon, I can see in the black, Eat through the fat, hunt and pursue, I turn nothing to something deceive and attack, They feed on the last I proceeded to pass And repeat it, read it on my lips It's chronic when they cross their tongues Just to talk to haunted ones, you dead. [Hook] [Verse 3: Mr. MFN eXquire] Yo, I’m a deadbeat, no buzz I don’t give a fuck, nigga I’m focused I’m a urban legend, like the Loch Ness This fur’s a yeti, this fur’s a vest This verse a blur, my words a blur Obscure absurd, I’ma merk this nerd Doing a drive-by, I swerve & squirt Wave bye-bye, merge with the earth I’m Mufasa, King Jaffe Joe On Viagra fucking a sloppy hoe I grip her ass like I’m kneading dough You wear Jordan skullcaps with fucking minks, You a fucking weirdo I don’t give a fuck, I’m fuck-less I’m drunk as fuck, I’m hopeless I’m Basquiat, I am Malcolm X Bitches in the club be like That nigga ain’t got no type respect, I don’t give a fuck, you still gone fuck My pops said he like my music I just say fuck too much Well fuck you pops, This how the fuck you made me Fucking wild, fucking crazy.
Videodrome 04:42
[Verse 1] Nights are longer, days are shorter Time gets longer, patience shorter I just wander pacing forward Like a monster, stay De Goya Dead from the start, mark of the beast Heart that I eat, armed to the teeth An intellect, sharp, bleak Indifferent, war, peace, Food for thought they force-feed That bla bla bla of a blasé god I got a suicide that’s forming A warning for a deadly price I know I’m not the steady type, I’m lost in heady highs I’m an artist, man, I’m drawn to sketchy types Crabs in a bucket that I’ll probably kick if I don’t watch ‘em Hashtag my blood but there’s no audience for psychodrama Look what the tiger brought in, death, death by dishonor Ultraviolet on it, show me where they hide the bodies Inside the audio I probably own a few examples Tooth enamel planted in the hand that fed a losing battle Soon Seattle’s gloomy atmosphere can steer me to the shadows Booze tobacco, moody adults, All the blessings they throw at you [Hook] Long live the new flesh Molly hits, group-sex Long live the new flesh Klonopin, booze, X Long live the new flesh Audience-approved death Long live the new flesh [Verse 2] A blind stupor prying at the sutures I set fire to their dry sense of humor They’re alive but they’ll die in the future People I remove from my side like a tumor They didn’t notice me when I acted balanced They didn’t notice when my dying was an art They didn’t notice me when I planted flowers But I bet they’d notice with a knife inside their hearts If I stab deep, add ‘em to the tally, Toe-tag ‘em, bag ‘em & can ‘em up for the trash-heap And that’s some fitting title usage if you ask me I hope they get diseases from the music that’s so catchy There must be something in the water, right? Root of all evil, power of the dollar, right? Two can keep a secret if one of ‘em is slaughtered, right? Fuck, marry, kill & they still don’t get the order right Right? You see I write with my right hand Right now, write down, rights of a righthand man Who was left on a left-hand path So I’m Plath with the deadpan that Means I’m Colossus in my head Doing aerials I’m Ariel & falling to my death Stomping over cities that their god must have neglected Instead left an admonishment of long live the flesh Death to the Videodrome & that’s an order not request So conform or get the wreck, uh A Klonipin & a cardiac arrest Left an overworked artifact, a heart attack is next, uh So I don’t lollygag my steps There’s no tardy pass in hell, there’s no sorry that can fix From over-sleeper to insomniac & stressed I’m a somnambulist walking right into the hands of them.
[Hook] I bought a gun Yea I hide it in my closet Next to the skeletons quiet when I cock it [Verse 1: Nemo Achida] I bought a gun, Sex pistol she was fun We shot in black & white every day like ancient nuns Or foreign films or Jordan 1s Two shots, one for me & one for her We're dead floating off the bombest lungs Designer bodybags, my tongue chaotic Like Jason's tech on the dresser They be show 9s underneath the guidance of professor Unschooled, hard knocks love a tall glock The big hand or a barrell When you watch your head on our clock 'Cause my block, scars to the face so I rapped a lot Staying out the way is survival in a nutshell Cross a brother's path and he make glove compartment nut shells Nutty motherfuckers move your crust and ask for more bread Look into the floor of a hustler and it's code red George pushed the button on these terroristic hacks Of a soldier that would friendly fire just to gain a rack It is crazy where we at [Hook] [Verse 2: Sadistik] I'm off that sleep deprivation, Minds a mine field that just keeps detonating, So I keep dead & waiting, There's a gun inside my closet now, Make not a sound, unfired not a round, Just 'cause you don't believe doesn't mean it's not around, In this haunted house I listen close, Ear against the prison walls, iridescent visuals, I hear morose quotes in morse codes & moreso There's morsels of more souls around me, Yea they're forceful & hounding, Where im from its storm-soaked & cloudy, It's suicide capital, born-broken county, So count on me to count you out, I'm counterculture roundabout, Witty with the witticisms still I'm iffy if without a crowd, Without a doubt... Doubt, Sinks into the shoulder blades, Captive of the scapulas, I think that I can hold the weight, I cultivated weaponry I'm on the run, and growing paranoid so I bought a gun.
Out The Dark 04:23
[Verse 1] I'm out the dark, somebody let some light in here I light it with a lighter, I bring the fire here, Proceed Prometheus, high as the sky appears, My dog used to say hi right when the light appeared, But then he died... Now only I can hear, Lonely with ire some iron irises eyes are here, They match like, sisters in Shining stairs, Cut with the bicuspids, scissors incisor shears, I kissed her lips and left a blister, Bliss turned into miser-returned into twister, Twister turned to blizzard, Blizzard burned and turned to flood to wash away the winter, And since I've learned to search the mud & walked away the victor, And now so muddy, bloody, I'm nobody, with no buddies, Thorns grow with no budding, There's no sunny, just ho-humming The low notes in solo, I'm so lone at home with no ghosts. [Hook] I'm out the dark, I'm out the dark, I'm out the dark Somebody let some light in here I'm out the dark, I'm out the dark, I'm out the dark I bring the fire here [Verse 2] I'm out the dark, fingers think they're spider limbs, Crawl around her body, sink inside her skin, They place their eggs inside, creating aches & sighs, Don't exorcise my demons make em extra-sized, They say the devil lies in scripture, I say the devil lies in scripture, So picture this image is grim but I can't say it's brightening, Although the lightless days are lightening, But not like light the way light lightning, strike! More light lighten weight like lightening, I tried to sing imprisoned once, but that thought was for the birds, I wanted to be fly so I thought about the birds, Where will they be heading as they soared through the air? I watched a beheading swing a sword through the heir, Acquiring the crown is a sordid affair, So I sorted through the fair and found a spark, I'm out of body, out of mind, I'm… [Hook]
[Verse 1] All these animals & peasants chase their capital investments, Vested interests I'm disinterested my patterns show obsession, An attic full of questions with no answers for the standards, Just synapses lapses, passages, suggestions, past is present, Man I hate the summer, so I stay inside days are numbered, They only trace the lines, my skies rain & thunder, Deface each other, rape & plunder, bases covered, On the basis that I'm basic, based in basins I'm too drained to slumber, I save the numbers of my dead friends it makes me wonder, Why it strangely comforts, my brains asunder, Under suns I've been taken under, made a hunter, Undertaken where the bugs & aphids clutter, Handshakes feel like cable jumpers, I taste the sunburns but the tongue is rarely accurate, Compare the avarice to mine and I can't bare the wrath of it, I'm out of it but passionate, past a fist is a pacifist, A satirist Jonathan Swift, mental paralysis, I'm harlequin, walking dead, coughing phlegm no oxygen, Generation Y am I supposed to do it talk to them, I lost my innocence, drifted into the distance, Went from different to indifferent, get sickened by this existence, Mourning Glory… I feel strangled by the chain that my father used to wear, It dangles by my heart it was the cross that he would bear, Every time I think of him I always go to reach for it ‘Cause it reminds me of the sacred bond that we would share Before the costs I'd inherit, the talks that I'd cherish, The loss of a parent made the loss more apparent, I'm lost in apparent paradox I can't escape or see, Between faith & grief, pain & ease, they made me pray and Place my knees on cinder blocks, break my teeth, and lick the scars Make me eat this bitter heart ’til the taste gets sweet, I don't chase my drinks these days, I hate to sound cliche but it's cliche to say I hate to sound cliche, I may be breaking out these chains today, I'm finally free, amiss in this abyss I guess I'm spiraling, It's standard stuff, flashing floods, that's my blood you're siphoning, A side of me's beside itself for anchoring in hell, But I can't see the light I need to save me from myself It's Mourning Glory [Verse 2] I got these bars in my head like I'm Phinneas Gage, This Gauge is on empty so gimme some space, Spaced out from the memories that didn't erase, Rays pound all around me kissing my face, Face down, down on my luck, lust for the crown, Crown in my cup, coupled amounts, mountains erupt, Ruptures I count, count-downs downtrodden Trot around downtowns til I drown in a bottle, like And now I'm reading Walden, Walled-in like I'm sleeping in a coffin, Coughin' while I'm breathing in the toxins, Talk sins when I'm needing to absolve them, Themselves, set sail, cel-set, Hellbent, inhale, tell sins, Send tales of the tailspins Tip scales, scale-skinned when the trail ends. [Hook] She called me blue flower, more like morning-glory My port is storming every time she tries to ford it for me They’re always warring on the inside There’s morning-glory on the inside [Bridge: Zoe Wick] Can’t hurry the morning light I tried with all my might I’m hanging upside-down Facing to the ground ’Til I bring back the fire [Hook]


released January 13, 2016

Additional vocals by Zoë Wick

Cover art by Corwin Prescott

Mixed by Joe Mabbott at The Hideaway (Minneapolis, MN)
Mastered by Evan Mechanic


all rights reserved



Sadistik Los Angeles, California

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